[Linked Image] Strange subject on a "Go Green' forum, but this new development is a better alternative than let's say the Chalillo Dam that almost wiped out the Scarlet Macaw and changed the color of the Macal River to Chocolate Milk.

[Linked Image] TerraPower (a Bill Gates Company) is talking with Toshiba to develop reactors that can put out 25 to 125 megawatts of power and are about the size of a hot tub or conference room and which can be an interesting product for Belize's power supply.

[Linked Image] They want to create reactors that will run on depleted uranium from nuclear waste sites or, possibly, thorium. Besides reducing nuclear waste stockpiles, depleted uranium reactors could conceivably extend uranium supplies for hundreds of years. It doesn't have to be opened for 30 to 60 years either.

Here is the article in Greentech Media and the Google News Search.

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