Deportee gets his third charge since shipped home

[Linked Image] Also appearing in Court today was forty-one year old Orion Neil Vernon, a deportee from the United States who was charged with three counts of possession of false documents. Todayís arraignment was Vernonís third for similar offences since being repatriated to Belize. He was first arrested and charged in Belize City in October of last year and more recently in San Pedro for the same crime. Latest allegations are that on March eighth, 2010, police visited room number twenty-six at Golden Tree Hotel on Coney Drive where they found a Belize driverís license and three Atlantic Bank cheques all bearing the same serial number 219359 along with a Belize Food Supply cheque in the sum of fifty-three thousand dollars. They also found that the room was being rented by Vernon. All items recovered from his room were confiscated and he was later arrested and charged.

In court this afternoon Magistrate Edd Usher read Vernon several charges for the possession of an Atlantic Bank cheque in the name of Belize Food Supply and a Belize driverís license with the numbers CYO-13369 in the name of Mark Moore. He is also accused of uttering on an Atlantic Bank cheque in the name of Belize Food Supply for the amount of fifty-three thousand dollars dated March 10, 2010.

Vernon pleaded not guilty to all three charges. His inability to meet bail made no difference because he was already on remand for a similar offence.

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