Junior Cyclists Will Ride 72 Miles

The Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is set for April third, but this Sunday, March 28th the juniors will have a go at it. They'll ride only 72 miles in the eleventh annual Junior Cross Country. That's about half the distance of the senior riders - but it will be a proving ground for these young riders. They start at 9:00 a.m at the Succotz Ferry and finish at Leslie's Imports in Belize City. Cycling official Jerome "Komigeez" Williams told us why he's excited.

Jerome "Komigeez" Williams, Belize Cycling Assocation

"What happened is these are the future of the elite racing and so what we try to do is we have a program in place whereas these guys are trained properly, these guys are taught the best way how to ride their bikes on the road so that when they go to the next level they don't have a problem adapting. So this is the really critical part of the sport, the juniors and the youths of Belize.

There are two teams in Cayo, Clear the Land, and High Road. These two teams have their own little rivalry going and so right now they have dominant in Cayo High Road with the likes of the defending champion Anselm Armstrong. So he is one of the guys they are watching in the junior circuit right now for the last two years and then there is Daniel Choto, you know the youngest of all the Choto brothers. He is one to contend with as well.

It gets better every year and with the Mexican team coming in, it should be very interesting and then you have the likes of Team Smart, they always bring in like three Mexicans to ride on their team. So come out this Sunday, have an exciting day of racing. Come to the finish line at Acros."

The first prize finisher will get $600.


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