March 26, 2010

Sacred Heart Junior College today hosted Math and Science Education Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce new and innovative strategies for teaching math and science at the primary school level. Jorge Aldana is the Dean of Sacred Heart Junior College.

Jorge Aldana; Dean, Sacred Heart Junior College
"This is a first of its kind; I would call it because it is using very innovative strategies and techniques to teach Math and Science. The Science will be presented by a senior JICA volunteer Mr. Hirami and he will be introducing skills and methods for building science equipment and tools using local materials. For example, using a Dixie cup he a speaker. With limited material he can build a lot of science tools and equipment, most of this equipment will cost less ten dollars and they are very interesting. Students are very motivated when they see this science equipment. He is also teaching the methodology on how to use the equipment to teach the Science curriculum at the primary education level."

Today's workshop saw the participation of Sacred Heard Junior College but according to Aldana they are willing to take the workshop to any school that is interested.

Jorge Aldana
"The second session is a session that will be facilitated by Mr. Kawasaki who is a JICA volunteer of Garden City Primary School. He will be teaching some innovative ways of teaching computation at the primary level. For example, instead of just writing your computation on regular paper you use graph paper or gridded paper which is very systematic because even the handwriting becomes systematic. It becomes a work of art. He will be introducing other computational skills that hey use in Japan; I am sure Belize can adopt some of these techniques. We plan to continue offering more of these workshops in the Cayo District and throughout the country. We have already discussed with the Ministry of Education to see how we can arrange some of these developmental workshops."

The workshop will start one o'clock this afternoon. A second workshop is scheduled for late April or early May. An invitation is extended to all Math and Science teachers at primary schools in the Cayo area.

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