Artistic masterpieces of women on display

[Linked Image]Women's Month is winding down but before that happens at the end of March, our friends from the Mexican Embassy are joining in the celebration. At the Mexican Institute tonight, an exhibition is taking place that features art, classical music and the handicraft of Mayan women from across the border. The masterpieces of at least twenty women are on display. It's a special treat and you still have time to head out to the Institute. News got a sneak peep earlier today.

Marcelino Miranda, Press Officer, Mexican Embassy

"Today the Embassy of Mexico, with the support of the government of Quintana Roo joined the Women's Month celebration of Belize and tonight we are having three different artistic activities in this artistic and cultural show. One of them is going to be a paint exhibition, the other one is going to be a classical music concert and the third will be an exhibition of handicraft by Maya Women from Mexico."

Delahnie Bain

About how many artists do you have featured between those three events?

[Linked Image] Marcelino Miranda

"The art exhibition is a collection made especially for this exhibition here in Belize. It includes about more than twenty-the works of Mexican artists. It reflects different techniques, different themes, but essentially it's by female women artists who are intended to have artistic dialogue with Belizean women."

Delahnie Bain

And the other two, the musical´┐Ż?

Marcelino Miranda

"Oh yes, the classical music concert is will be performed by a brass quintet that comes from Mexico and they are promoting - music so we are going to have international classic pieces and also Mexican pieces. Especially, the handicraft exhibition; it's a whole project supported by the Japanese international cooperation agency and it was a project during three years to female Maya people-Maya women-and this project was intended to support them in terms of supporting their techniques and marketing their products."

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