Works Minister says works underway for Marion Jones Sporting Complex

Though Elvin Penner, the Minister of Sports, was silent on the ongoing construction at the site on Princess Margaret Drive, Anthony 'Boots' Martinez, the Minister of Works, says other works are underway. The Ministry of Works is the project manager for the construction, and earlier today Anthony 'Boots' Martinez pointed out that the second phase of construction has been awarded to a company International Environmental. At the time of completion, Boots Martinez estimates that the total cost of the New Marion Jones Sporting Complex would be about twelve to fourteen million dollars.

[Linked Image] Anthony Boots Martinez, Minister of Works

"The fence contract is for thirty weeks. That is ongoing and on target. The Ministry of Works being the project manager along with the ministry of youth and sports, we launch off the second phase in December. It entailed the foundation for the running track, bleachers for seating capacity in the initial stages, six hundred people, low-lying bleachers, in this phase of the on track and the filling of the perimeter within the running track."

Jose Sanchez

How soon would runners or even cyclists be able to use the track?

Anthony Boots Martinez

"Well I don't have the time frame but it should be about eight to ten months.This phase of the contract is only for foundation and slab, They still need to buy the running track that will sit on top of the slab."

Jose Sanchez

Some people passing by in the past said "Why build the fence first?

Anthony Boots Martinez

"Well, I believe the fence first in terms of wanting to secure your investment is very important. Let us put the fence to start investment. What should have happened in the initial stages is that all the contracts should be running simultaneously. If you notice now, the fence is just running halfway or little over. It is almost completed but work starting simultaneously was the real the real intention."

Jose Sanchez

How much money are we looking at for the second phase of the project?

Anthony Boots Martinez, Minister of Works

"2.9 million dollars. I would say by the end of 2011 everything should be completed. We're getting in the next month or two to launch the final stage the end of 2011/2012 the latest."

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