PUC Grants BWSL 12.1% Increase

Earlier on, we told you about the 2.5% increase in the rate of GST which goes into effect tomorrow. But what will also go into effect tomorrow are new water rates which will increase by an average of 12.1% - that's 12 cents on every dollar. The final decision on water rates was announced today after months of back and forth.

It started in October of 2009 with BWSL's initial request for an average 25% increase - that was in October of last year. Then in November, the PUC put that back to ten percent. After that BWSL called for a review by an independent expert. In February, he recommended a 17% increase. The PUC considered that and today issued its final decision for a 12.1% increase - which is just about half of the 25% BWSL had initially requested.

The PUC decision also allows some $40 million in capital expenditure over the Tariff period which extends to 2015. According to our sources, BWSL - which is government controlled - will not seek judicial review of the PUC decision because it will be too costly.


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