The price of fuel at the pump continues to skyrocket

If you plan to drive to your destination for the long holiday weekend, it would have been wise to fill up on Wednesday. Though there were no official releases from the government, the price of fuel at the pump went up across the board. Before midnight, super or premium stood at nine dollars and sixty- seven cents and it rose twenty- two cents to nine dollars and eighty- nine cents. Regular gas was nine dollars and thirty- six cents, it rose twenty- one cents to nine dollars and fifty- seven cents. Diesel was eight dollars and fourteen cents and it shot up nineteen cents to eight dollars and thirty- three cents. A caveat to keep in mind is that the price of fish always goes up at this time of year, and goes down following the weekend, however, fuel only seems to keep on rising. And a word of advice, fill up your butane tanks because the price is also expected to go up next week.

Live and let live