San Pedro Sea Dogs trounce Toledo’s Paradise Freedom Fighters 5-1!!

[Linked Image] Week eight of the Caribbean Motors Cup Semipro Football Tournament found San Pedro Seadogs hosting Paradise Freedom Fighters of Toledo at the Ambergris Stadium on Sunday afternoon. At the start of the game at 3:30 p.m., the crowd was energetic and anxious to see the local boys take control of the game. After several clear goal attempts, the Seadogs’ Under-16 Team player, Jason Valladarez managed to pick up the first goal of the game at the 35th minute. Despite a single clear attempt by the Paradise Freedom Fighters, it was evident that the local team was up to defending home turf.

[Linked Image] At six minutes into the second half of the game, at minute 51, Angel Cantun recovered from a long play and placed the ball into the net making it a two to nil game. Seven minutes after, at minute 58 of the game, Honduran Olvin Serano kicked in the third goal of the ball game and San Pedro was up by three to nil against the visiting team. The local boys were not finished yet with the visiting team because at minute 83 of the game, Kent Gabourel Jr. turned the match into a 4 to nil game in favor of San Pedro. Cantun was back in the spotlight at minute 87 of the ball game, when he spanked the fifth goal of the game for San Pedro. By now, the spectators were jubilant to see the local islanders in full bloom on home turf. Paradise Freedom Fighters weathered the local team throughout the game and eventually paid off in the 88th minute of the game when Ralph [Linked Image] Flores capitalized on a defensive error and placed the visiting team on the score board. At the end of the long whistle at the 90th minute, San Pedro Seadog had chewed the visiting Paradise Freedom Fighters in a 5 to 1 ball game.

San Pedro has not seen a big win like the one on Sunday for years and spectators descended on the field to celebrate the big W with the local boys. Game 9 saw San Pedro Seadogs paying a visit to George Town Ibayani at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence, Village in the Stann Creek District last night (Results next week). On Easter Sunday, San Pedro Seadogs will host Belize Defense Force at the Ambergris Stadium at 3:30 p.m. San Pedro Seadogs stands in the fourth position within the league with 10 points.

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