∑ In Mexico, clocks went forward one hour on Sunday 4 April.

∑ The Daylight Saving Time will last until 31 October 2010.

Belmopan, 6 April 2010.- The Embassy of Mexico to Belize informs that on Sunday, 4 April, Mexico began Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time (Horario de Verano). On that day clocks went forward one hour. That means that Mexicoís local time will run 1 hour ahead of Belizeís local time until 31 October 2010.

For example, 9:00 am in Belize local time will be in Mexico 10:00 am local time.

For those traveling within Mexico, the Embassy reminds that the Mexico Daylight Saving Time applies to most of the Mexican territory, including Chetumal, Cancun, Merida, Campeche, Tamaulipas, Mexico City.

If you are in transit through Mexico, please check your flightís local time.