Corozal Police are remaining tight lipped tonight, about a Quarter Million dollar heist which took place over the Easter weekend at the Free Zone in Corozal. The well known Belizean owned chain of stores, A&R was burglarized to the tune of a whopping two Hundred and Thirty thousand Belize dollars, but, unlike the record breaking broad daylight Scotia Bank robbery which ended in tragedy, this heist was bloodless, victimless, and so far seems to have been the 'Perfect Crime'.

Truly an Easter bonanza for the daring robber or robbers who masterminded the break-in of A&R, since the theft was only discovered after the long holiday weekend. According to police reports, the robbery was reported to them by the store's Manager, on Tuesday morning of this week. Police are still trying to determine the actual time and day that the robbery took place.

What is known so far by the Police and owners of the store, is that the culprits got in by penetrating the roof of the pre-fabricated building and made their way to two separate Sentry brand iron safes located in the Manager's office. The large amount of cash stolen was receipts from the busy Easter weekend shopping, according to one of the store's owners, Aldo Urbina. Urbina told 7News in a telephone interview that the break-in seemed to have been carefully planned, but when asked whether he believed it to be an 'inside job', said he didn't think it was.

7News was unable to reach the Corozal Police Officer in Charge, Superintendent Guzman for an update on the investigations into the robbery.

Channel 7