The Gift of Gabb, sculptures of the sculptor at the Bliss

[Linked Image] The Belisle Art Gallery at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts is hosting an exhibit called The Many Gifts of George Gabb. Gabb died at age seventy eight on March of 2007, but he left a wealth of wood carvings and paintings. His most circulated work, “The Sleeping Giant,” can be found in Belizean passports and on the country’s paper currency. While many knew Gabb for his woodwork, he also had the gift of gab. He wrote a well received collection of poems called “The Naked Eye.” So who better to speak about his sculptures than the man himself. With images from the exhibit’s launching, we bring you a year 2000 interview in which Gabb recited his poem called ‘The Sculptured Sculptor’.

George Gabb, Artist
(Aug 24, 2000)

“The very deep imagination that I’m doing it for this supreme being actually pushed some power into me more. I felt myself being carved as I carve. When I got to a certain point in the sculpture I had to leave it. I rushed into the shop, pulled out a pencil, and a pen and I start writing. And this is how this poem is born and I called it:

“The Sculptured Sculptor.”

[Linked Image] “I speak not with the voice or make-believe,
or with art of forming words to bring about some fancy thought,
or to make some rhythmic sound or to please a lovers quest,
even not to answer King’s command,
but rather to open one’s heart and mind, and let thoughts
fly in the sky of truth that man and angels may hear my song.

I think
I see
I feel
I have found another part of him in me
he smiles as I leave myself free to fashion

His gentle touch explodes only to release
fearful, trembling, wanting,
I strip myself to yield complete.

Fleeting moments of immeasurable suffering,
particles of ecstasy leaking from the seams of time
“A messenger of truth”
A haunting voice beyond existence, echoes to my heart
take shape, make shape, there is no time,
Be a ripple in the sea of eternity, for in time there is none.
Only on the shores of infinity where blessed souls
bathe themselves with countless shapes of sculptured water
and quench their thirst with the gladness of your coming.
And Yea
To find the echo that was once lived in my heart,
now lives in my voice singing, shouting on that same seashore.
Take shape
Make shape
Time is no more.”

Gabb’s Poem ‘The Sculpted Sculptor’ won international acclaim and recognition from the International Society of Poets. The International Society of Poets was established in 1990 and includes members such as the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

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