The current disruption in travel in Europe is a reminder that blown timelines can affect your health. News stories mention those travelers who have run short of important medications as a result of being stranded away from home. If you have medications that are essential to your health, please bring along a substantial back-up supply and also bring with you a copy of your prescription. If you wear contact lenses, bring two spare pairs at least, and extra "real" glasses.
Many years ago we were stranded for just a few days at the lovely Chan Chich as we waited out Hurricane Mitch. One guest was running low on her Parkinson's meds - it was stressful and frightening for her, and there was nothing to be done about it.
I am told that in the US many dispensing pharmacists will not give more than a month's worth of meds at a time - if you are traveling you may wish to get special dispensation from your doctor so that you can have extra "just in case".