April 20, 2010

The National Kriol Council has announced the completion of the full translation of the Gospel of John. The language arm, through the "Bileez Kriol Projek" is translating the entire New Testament but decided to place priority on the release of the Gospel of John. Yvette Herrera is the lead translator and the Office Administrator at the National Kriol Council.

Yvette Herrera; Lead Translator, National Kriol Council

"We just thought that if we put it out there people could get an idea of what the entire New Testament will be like. We plan to have the entire New Testament on the CD. Another purpose it will serve is for people who claim they cannot read Kriol they will be able to listen and follow along; see how words are pronounced and all that. It can be used as a personal devotional, it can be used in schools for listening, for bible study or wherever you might want to use it. Most of all the word of God will be getting out in the heart language of the people because like that it can really grab them."

The translation will be read in public for the first time this Sunday at Open Door Believers Chapel on Mohammed Ali Street.

Yvette Herrera

"We will be doing almost everything in Kriol. The preaching will be in Kriol and we will be playing some of the CD and we will be singing some Kriol songs. We have two CD's produced out of the Kriol scripture. It is just the official launching but people can still come and buy from now if they want to from the Bible Society Book Store on Central America Boulevard. This project was done by Belizeans because we have our own recording studio; the voicing, back round music, sound effects and all that. There were times when we had to go out into the public to see if we were using the best Kriol. We tried to strike a happy balance because some people speak the traditional Kriol and we have the Kriol of the now so tried to find a balance between those two. I just want to say thanks to everybody who contributed."

Herrera says the entire New Testament should be ready for release within a year.

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