4/20, international Marijuana day

[Linked Image] The next news item is not for non-smokers. If you are knowledgeable of international events and culture, you may know that today is International Four Twenty Day. The four stands for the fourth month and twenty represents today's date. Four Twenty just happens to refer to use of cannabis. The term was coined decades ago by California students who met after school at 4:20 to smoke pot. It is not a small affair, as in Vancouver, Canada over ten thousand persons annually gather near the Vancouver Art gallery to celebrate the day. In Canada, the police department has always been tolerant of marijuana use on this date. In the United States, a popular yearly celebration is held at the University of Colorado's Boulder campus which also yields about ten thousand enthusiasts of the popular bud. No celebration has been made thus far in the jewel, but the police have charged several individuals for marijuana possession and trafficking today. Last week Friday, News Five went under the cover of darkness with the Belize Defense Force on a raid of a marijuana plantation which was almost ready for consumption. The soldiers dismantled the illegal camp, uprooted one thousand six hundred plants and burned them. Though it seemed like a large catch, it was only a puff in the cloud of cannabis that is grown throughout the country. Since the year began the BDF has burned about a hundred and fifty thousand plants.


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