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In 2008 I visited Belize and was deeply moved by the people I talked to and the amount of diversity in the plant, sea, and animal life I encountered.

I also saw and heard from the people I met what effects the tourism industry was imposing on the ecosystems—such as mangrove clearing for resorts, golf courses, and casinos, killing of manatees by boat propellers, and pollution caused by cruiseships.

HeartBelize is a project I am starting as a way to promote sustainable tourism and development through stories told by those who share a common interest in preserving biodiversity in Belize. The simple assignments below are meant to evoke your own personal stories and experiences which made Belize a special place to you. They may be submitted in the form of a photo, story, recipe, illustration, etc.

I will be compiling the entries into a visual compilation that I hope will start a conversation about protecting Belize for future generations. There will be a map component, so for each submission, please identify the rough location it took place. (San Ignacio, Caye Caulker, etc.) I'm hoping to gather some entries for a draft I'm putting together this weekend, so if you were able to get something to me I would be greatly appriciative. Submissions will be accepted through email at:

[email protected]
you can also check out the HeartBelize facebook page where I will be posting entries.

1. Send a photograph of a place you stayed that you would consider 'eco-friendly'.

2. Draw something unique to Belize you saw everyday.

3. Create a diagram that teaches something you learned how to do while in Belize.

4. Write down a paragraph from a book you were reading while in Belize.Include a photo or draw a picture of a place you read during your stay.

5. Draw a map of an adventure you took in Belize.

6. Draw a picture of an animal you saw.

7. Describe your favorite Belizian meal.

8. Write a recipe for a cocktail that reminds you of Belize. Be sure to name it.

9. Re-tell a story you heard from a local Belizean.

10. Take a picture of an outfit you wore during one of your most memorable experiences in Belize. Describe the experience.

11. Draw a picture of a local person you met in Belize.

12. Draw a picture of a Belizean insect you encountered.

13. Send a photo you took of the sea.

14. Draw or send a photo of something you bought from a person native to Belize.

15. Draw or paint a colored picture of a coral reef you snorkeled or dived at.

16. Copy and paste the lyrics of a song you heard in Belize.

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