I live in Belize city and I am getting ahold of a generator and motor and I would like to build a turbine and I cant fund the whole project yet and I want to move forward with my knowledge of passive energy so I am willing to build this for your home instead of mine in exchange for the rest of the materials costs and something for my time. I have no true idea of how long it will take! depends on your location, and a number of other factors but if all the materials are together on site it should not take long to install,so I will not be asking for much, maybe, like travel costs, lunch and tip that you decide when the wind mill is running and powering your house when the wind blows! I am not sure yet how much power it will be generating but if you purchase storage cells I think it could do very well running a modest home. So, I am excited about this and if I can get this first one up and running I can do more and somehow this would make me happy because it makes me feel like I am helping the human race (bit strange but its true) so maybe you know someone in the building phase or even some power hog in pre existence. It will start paying for itself the day of completion and the wind is blowing.

There it is!!!! Let me know. Thanks, Less Is More

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Namiste/Have a blessed day