Belize International Film Festival looking for local production

[Linked Image] The date for the Belize International Film Festival 2010 is drawing near and submissions are now being accepted. The nine day festival made a successful comeback in 2009 and this year it's set for July sixteenth to the twenty-fourth with stops in Belize City, San Ignacio and San Pedro. Submissions are being accepted from all over the world and the deadline for handing in films is May thirty-first and for scripts it's June fifteenth. Festival director Suzette Zayden gave us the details.

Suzette Zayden, Director, Belize International Film Festival

"Right now we're accepting submissions of film entries for the film festival this year. the festival will take place from July sixteenth to the twenty-fourth 2010 and we're in the process of getting the films together so we can decide what films will be screened in the festival. This is open to any country; it can be feature length or short, fiction and documentaries. We're also asking people to submit a short script of approximately ten to fifteen pages for a script competition, which we're hoping would be the first step towards a degree program later in the future."

Delahnie Bain

"I know having your film being a part of the festival is great exposure but there are also prizes involved?"

Suzette Zayden

"Yes, there are prizes involved but our prizes are for the most part symbolic so don't be expecting to win ten thousand dollars or five thousand dollars US or anything like that. We have teamed with Travelers Liquors to create the One Barrel audience award prizes last year and what we did was we gave out a very nice barrel trophy to four winners for the short fiction and the feature length fiction as well as the short documentary and the feature length documentary and all four winners were extremely satisfied with their prize of a trophy and a cash award; all donated by travelers liquors so they have expressed an interest in continuing to support the festival."

This year the festival has added the Green Award for films or documentaries focusing on the green theme. Entries can be sent to the National Institute of Culture and History.

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