The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is sponsoring a three day regional workshop on preparing technology transfer projects. The workshop began yesterday and is being hosted for the first time in Belize. Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the National Meteorological Service, Ann Gordon says there are two main objectives of event.

Anne Gordon; Deputy Chief Meteorologist, NMS

"The objectives of this workshop are first of all the build capacity within the Latin American and the Caribbean countries. The capacities that they are building are in project developers; how to prepare project proposals that will meet the standards of financial providers and the second objective is to support the results of the technology needs assessments that each of these countries have prepared. These technology needs assessments are country driven activities that will tell us what the technology priorities are in mitigation and adaptation to climate."

Approximately thirty countries from the Caribbean, Central and South America are attending the event. Carlos Fuller, Deputy Director of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center in Belmopan says the workshop will help enhance the capabilities of project developers, Belize included.

Carlos Fuller; Deputy Director, CCCCC

"These are projects proposals that would have something to do with climate change and the introduction of a technology to implement that action. So, for example it could be a project in hot to make energy more efficient in your house. They may come up with a design and they may want technology to make that idea happen on the ground. It may require the introduction of technology; maybe better light bulbs, more efficient stoves or more efficient refrigerators so that is the kind of projects that will be under this system. This came under the convention negotiations so we were fighting for it under climate change and the climate change community has responded to our request for it. We recognize that many projects in Belize which might be health, or water, or agriculture has a climate change component and that is where the world's attention is right now in climate change. So, we need to use that as the leverage to get you project in."

Belize's project proposal has been written by Gilroy Lewis, Director of the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority which is titled "Belize Mile 24 Western Highway Landfill Gas Collection and Flaring System".

Carlos Fuller

"We have one project right now which is being looked at from Belize which is the land fill which as you know is going to be implemented on mile 24 on the Western Highway to replace the dump that we have outside Belize City. The idea is that to make that more efficient we can actually capture some of the gas that causes the fires and use that gas either as a source of energy or merely burn it off in a more efficient way so we do not have the terrible pollution that occurs every so often with the dump."

Belize's project is already being reviewed during the workshop.

Carlos Fuller

"The idea is that our project in particular will have gone through the testing here and the project proponent which is ministry of environment will then be able to take that project and then be able to make it stronger and then be able to get the funding to implement that project. That is the whole idea that when you develop your project you will see ah this project is going to make money. I can go to a commercial bank or this project requires somebody to give me money, whether it is a grant from the government or from another private institution; this will not make money, I need to take it over here. That is the whole idea of the workshop, to give you those tools you can then decide where you need to you project."

The workshop will conclude on Friday.