We all know about the Three Kings; that's Brukdown legend Wilfred Peters, the Mayan harpist Florencio Mes and the Garifuna parandero Paul Nabor. They were featured in the documentary "The Three Kings" and have now gone on a sort of tour, appearing at events held in their honor.

The first was held at Ka'ana resort in western Belize and now they're coming to the City. The tribute event and documentary screening will be held at the Radisson Fort George from 6:00 to 10:00 on Saturday. Terez Tillett told us the DVD will be showed under the stars in the presence of superstars.

Terez Tillett, Event Organizer - Radisson
"We are going to have a screening of the DVD. An outdoor screening in the garden, we are going to have chairs, sort of free flowing under the stars, a little bit of the moon should be out by then. Mr. Mes is making a violin that will be autographed and up for auction the same night. This is all in part of promoting what is our cultural heritage and a story that deserves to be told. We want to think that we are doing this because like I said it is the time. These men have been part of our culture for decades and this is a time for us to do it. Certainly it is more important because they are at a certain age. We want the story to be told from now until the end of time. It should be timeless. While we want to treat this with certain amount of reverence, we are still Belizeans and we still want to have a good time. So yes the music will be played from the Three Kings, we are going to have that on the music system, we are going to have the popcorn, we are going to have the hotdogs and the chicken wings. it's more like having a big screen TV in your living room or in your back yard because it will be under the stars, it will be outdoors so yes we will have all the ambience and all the good times that Belizeans like to have."

The trio will also be appearing at the Cacao Festival on the 21st. May where they are slated to perform live.

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