Police are also under pressure from - we suspect - the political directorate to wrap up two open, publicly festering investigations: the first is the case of constable Gavin Sanchez who was killed by a fellow officer who shot him 9 times in the San Pedro police barracks; and the second is the case of Steven Buckley, the construction worker who was shot by a police officer.

As we understand it a representative from the DPP's Office was scheduled to visit the San Pedro police station this afternoon to examine the scene of the crime. But there seems to be some uncertainty about whether the man who shot Sanchez, Sergeant Paulino Reyes is still in the country. As we reported earlier this week there are insistent reports that Reyes has left Belize and returned to his home country in El Salvador. High level sources in law enforcement say though that he is still in the country. We should know by the time charges are brought - and those are expected soon. How soon? Right now we can't say as the DPP's office is still assessing the evidence.

And as regards the Buckley case - that file had to be sent back from the DPP's Office to the police because the investigative content - we are told - was lacking. Charges in that case are also expected shortly.

That's what was promised in a cabinet release which was issued on Wednesday with a major statement on crime. It acknowledged that crime has reached, quote, "crisis proportions...both in terms of the increase in violent crime...and the lack of confidence in the Police Department..." end quote. The release says that Government is reorganizing the Police Department and a plan outlining that will be unveiled on the 2nd June. But more than just police plans, a major new coordinated anti crime initiative is being launched by government to be steered by a project office. That is also expected within the next few weeks.

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