Just talked to Jim at MET. He assures me that all is well in Cayo. Winds 10 - 20 mph and approx. 3 1/2 inches rain in last 24 hours. Reports over the radio are that no fatalities have been reported. Caye Caulker has reported in by cell phone & 2m radio. They have also heard from some people on San Pedro who have been able to call in by 2m radio. Cell phones are working, but San Pedro has no electricity, so it is to be expected that those batteries will begin to go down. People are concerned that CNN is reporting that the entire country is a disaster area and that is simply not true. All is well in the West & the South. Certainly floods are expected, so things will take a few weeks to get back to normal. More information from St. George's caye confirms that some docks have been lost, but all people are reported okay at this time. There is undoubtedly damage in Belize City, flooded streets and some houses collapsed. Still no power there.