September Celebrations are a good three months away - but the National Celebrations Commission has already put out a tentative calendar of events. And they want your participation. As of today, the competition to submit a theme for this year's celebrations is open. Nigel Encalada of the ISCR explained what kind of input they are looking for.

Nigel Encalada, Director ISCR
"We officially launched the theme competition to commemorate the 212th Anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye and the 29th Anniversary of Belize's Independence. Again we are asking individuals, groups, young people, old people and middle-age people to reflect on our country over the last 29 years. Of course I can't ask them to reflect over the last 212 years, but to reflect on our country to see how far we have come in terms of our diversity, in terms of our development and to look at where we want to go and to try to come up with a theme that reflects the essence of who or what we are as a nation 29 years into our Independence. "

That completion runs until June 18th and the winning theme should be no more than ten words with ht winner receiving a thousand dollar cash prize.

Submissions should be sent to box 325 or emailed to [email protected]. The commission is also inviting submissions for celebration songs and those wishing to add an event to the calendar can also contact the commission. Channel 7