The National College of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP) is offering young Belizeans an opportunity to further their studies in Mexico. CONALEP offers more than 40 degree programs in seven areas at different campuses in Mexico. For the academic year 2010/2011, which begins on August ninth, the university is offering 15 spaces to fourth form students from Belize scheduled to graduate in June. Marcelino Miranda is the Head of the Press and Border Section at the Mexican Embassy.

Marcelino Miranda; Head of the Press and Border Section, Mexican Embassy

“The Embassy of Mexico is encouraging Belizeans who are interested in this scholarship because it will allow them to study at the technical professional level in Mexico. All Belizean Nationals can apply if they are at least 17 years old, they must reside in Belize and they need a certified high school transcript. They just need the high school level and they can apply for these scholarships. They will also need some intermediate level of the Spanish language and they will also need to provide some other documents. This is a very good opportunity, the deadline is going to be the 28th of May so there is still time to apply for these scholarships. Please contact the Embassy of Mexico at the Institute of Mexico in Belize at 223-1408. There will be personalized attention provided at the institute for those applicants who are interested in the scholarships. The application forms have been distributed by the Ministry of Education and they are also available at the Institute of Mexico in Belize.”

Applicants will be interviewed by CONALEP examiners on June ten and eleven and they will also be required to sit and exam on the eleventh of June. Again, the deadline for sending in applications is May twenty eighth.