Dear Members ,
this workshop is for everyone and is scheduled for this Friday 1pm -6pm at the Sunbreeze Conference center.

Developing community-based monitoring systems: A workshop for sustained participatory learning and action on conservation and climate adaptation interventions at community level

May 2010

Target Community:
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), through it climate change adaptation project for the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR), has been supporting efforts of communities within Belize and Honduras in mapping their vulnerability to climate threats and setting up community based adaptation mechanisms to reduce risks and increase resilience to climate threat drivers. These mechanisms vary from mangrove restoration (for shoreline stabilization) to trying to influence local development plans, among others, and were linked to participatory vulnerability assessment studies. The project aims to assist local communities in addressing climate hazards, and to monitor impacts from their climate adaptation interventions (to increase coping potential) and resource conservation efforts. Through this proposed workshop, the project aims to assist communities in reflecting on their progress and effectiveness to date, to determine what activities or initiatives needs revising or adopted, and to set-up a framework for a community-led long-term monitoring system for learning from conservation and climate adaptation interventions.

Workshop overview
WWF hopes to help the San Pedro community set up a system whereby they would be able to monitor the impact of their conservation and adaptation interventions to better inform their learning and adaptation process. The workshop will be strongly focused on learning and structured to build capacity of the community to institutionalize the process of adaptation planning. Given this approach, the San Pedro community will be better equipped to monitor and evaluate their interventions for the long-term through a systematic framework/tool that considers:

1.) Measurement of outcome-level changes in terms of community-level vulnerability and resilience to climate change.

2.) Lesson-learning multiple levels (community members, local and national governments and partners).

3.) Systematic tracking of the progress of interventions and outputs.

Ultimately, the system will enable measuring of progress in terms of outcome-level changes (what has changed) and to understand the processes of change involved (how and why change has or has not happened). Community members will be able to reflect on and analyze the impacts and effectiveness of their work.

Proposed date and venue for workshop: Friday, May 28th, 2010 from 1-6 pm at the Sunbreeze Conference Room.

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