As a part of activities leading up to the 29 anniversary of Belize's Independence an exhibition titled "29: Artists Works Years" will open today in Corozal Town. After today's opening the exhibition, featuring a National collection of art, will be going to the other districts before returning to Belize City in September. The art on display was assembled by the National Institute of Culture and History and the exhibit was organized in collaboration with the Nation Celebrations Committee. Curator William Skinner tells us more.

William Skinner; Curator, 29: Artists Works Years

"The exhibition was organized with the sole purpose of bringing the national collection of art to the districts. We decided that because it is the 29th anniversary of Belizean independent leading up to it that we would organize a show that would begin in Corozal and make its way all the way down to PG before coming back to Belize City. The idea is that there is a lot of the collection is not seen by many people because it is in administrative offices here within NICH and this is a chance for us to bring the art to the people. There are some standards in the scene here like George Gabb and Benjamin Nicholas but also some other people that we might not know about as much like Pamela Braun and Gene Bennett. This is just and opportunity to sort of bring the collection districts nationwide."

Skinner says that the exhibit will feature different types of art; some patriotic and others are just a representation of art in Belize.

William Skinner

"It is multimedia; there is painting, there is sculpture and there is mixed media, there is photography. It is a nice assemblage of works that we hope the public will enjoy. I think this is a great opportunity for people to see what we have and also to see in a sense what they could contribute to us. The collection is currently based on donations and we hope that people come out and see what we have. Some districts can be included more in our collection and we want to talk about that. I think this a great change to dialog and make the collection stronger and larger and more representational of Belize. Subsequently we will travel to Orange Walk, Benque, Dangriga and then to PG. We will also go to Belmopan and then to Belize City for the month of September so each venue is about two weeks give or take a day. We hope that a lot of people come out."

Today's opening will begin at 10:00 am at the Corozal Town Hall.