Amazingly huge holes known as 'glory holes or 'sink hole' can be found scattered around the world, some a natural occurrence created by collapsed caves or craters that have filled with water, while others are made by man.

Most of these holes are so big they can actually be seen from space with the naked eye. A sink hole is filled with groundwater and is formed when rock ceilings that were previously being supported by water collapses when the water level drops. An active cave system that is sometimes below the rocks floods as in Dos Ojos in Mexico which is now the deepest cave passage known to man. There are at least 25 entrances to the sinkhole whereby people from all over go to swim.

One of the most beautiful geographical phenomenon known as the 'blue hole' is situated 60 miles from Belize which is off the Caribbean and the huge blue circle surrounding the blue hole is a magical spot for divers There are numerous 'blue holes' around the world, but none that can beat this one for its beauty. An aerial view of the 'blue hole' shows the dark blue water has a diameter of quarter of a mile with the depth in the middle of the hole measuring approximately 475 feet.

Man made glory holes are usually found in reservoirs and used when the dam is at full capacity, draining the excess water back into the lake. The 'glory hole' at the Monticello Dam located in Napa County, California is the largest man made over spill glory hole in the world measuring 87 feet in diameter, enabling it to devour 14,400 cubic feet of water per second.

The Kimberley Big Hole (a disused diamond mine) in South Africa is 1,097 meters (approximately 600 feet) deep and in its day, yielded well over 3 tons of diamonds before closing in 1914. The sizes and depths of these holes are both totally amazing and alarming, reminding us how small we are in comparison.

Patty Brown

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