An art exhibit titled NOYA will open tomorrow at the Belisle Art Gallery at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. The featured artist, Miriam Ochoa is a Belizean artist residing in Florida. Ochoa expresses herself through oil paintings, acrylics on canvas, watercolours and pastels with a focus on human face especially women's faces. Love News spoke with Ochoa earlier today.

Miriam Ochoa; Artist

"The paintings are canvas on oil and they are mostly portraits of women of different ethnic backgrounds. You will see black women, Hispanic women, Mayan women, older women and younger women. The exhibit is focusing on women as the custodians of our culture. You will see a mirage of different cultures that we are living in today. The paintings are signed with my nickname Noya; that is the nickname I have been using since I was small and that is the name I am using as an artist."
Ochoa, who is mainly a self though artist, owns and operates her own art studio in Miami and has been featured in several art exhibits in the states and in Belize.

Miriam Ochoa

"This collection ranges fifteen years of paintings that I have kept because they are things that I really love and I have dreamt of having an exhibition. I did not realize that I was focusing on women until I put everything together. I said wow; this show has to be about women and our different ethnic cultures. I have participated in different exhibitions with various artists but never as the main artist and so as the main artist I feel really special and really excited because I can show all of my work together not just one piece. Some of them will be on sale and some of them will have a sign saying not for sale; those are for my house from my personal collection. Some paintings are newer meaning that some of them were painted this year or last year with the hopes of showing them and those will be for sale. The people that you will see in the paintings, the women in the paintings are not here but they are; you know what I mean? It is all of us; the culture that we live in. All of us will be represented thee somehow."

NOYA will be open to the public tomorrow evening at six p-m at the Bliss rotunda now known as the Belisle Art Gallery. Theatre Director Karen Vernon says that this particular exhibit was over a year in the making.

Miriam Ochoa

"This is in keeping with our promise to exhibit an artist every month here at the Bliss at the Belisle Art Gallery. Belisle Art Gallery is from the artist Belisle. It was named Belisle Art Gallery previously and we will rename it. We will exhibit his works in October when we will name the art gallery. Miriam contacted us last year and she was asking how she could exhibit her work and we booker her right then for this month; she arrived in Belize yesterday. I would like to encourage everyone to come out and view this exhibit. As usual it is going to be a very enchanting exhibit so come on out and view the exhibit."

The art exhibit will run until the end of the month.