CJ: Gone Till September...

[Linked Image] He turns 65 in the first week of August, but the Chief Justice will stay on until the end of September. Prime Minister Dean Barrow today told us that's what they agreed to at a meeting on Monday in Belmopan. But that has brought no satisfaction to the bar association which has called for a special meeting next week Tuesday to discuss the chief justice's departure.

The issue is as we reported last night. The Chief Justice has announced that he will be hearing no new matters, and all matters that he has partly heard will be re-assigned to a new judge.

It has caused dissatisfaction across a wide cross section of the highly politicized bar association where calls are being made that his departure before he finishes up pending cases is a violation of the constitution which ensures that a retiring chief justice will not demit office until he finishes hearing pending matters.

Those attorneys on the other side of the argument argue that knowing he was approaching retirement he should have managed his case load more effective to best suit an early departure.


Live and let live