(sorry jzb)

anyone remember what it was like before saga came? i have donated money & supplies to saga every year, and will continue to, because i have for many years seen with my own eyes the education & good they have provided the citizens and pets of the island - often for free - donated time of caring volunteers doing things no one else wanted to do (who do you think cleans up all the dead dogs after poisoning, or saves abused/abandoned animals?). every year we also SEE more and more locals leashing, walking and attending lovingly toward their pets - SEEN IT...been to the shelter and seen the unwanted animals they care for too - SEEN IT. i dont need to see their papers - we have SEEN what's been done, what they continue to do. and that's good enough for me.

...and thank you, beth, for continuing to make that point for me. have a super weekend everyone! smile

(ok thx you can delete me now.)