Yeah, yeah, we all know puppies and kitties and monkeys are cute, but now it's time to give some love to the long-neglected tropical fish! OK, maybe they aren't conventionally cute, but they're certainly lovely. These beauties come from Belize, and are part of a collection at the Smithsonian's Sant Ocean Hall. Our faves are below and after the jump, but you can see tons more cool fishies in this Flickr set from the Smithsonian (yes, the Smithsonian uses Flickr! Pretty cool!)

Spanish Hogfish (or, bodianus rufus)

Blue Chromis (or, chromis cyanea)

Royal Gramma (or, gramma ioreta)

Yellowhead Wrasse (or, halichoeres garnoti)

Puddingwife Wrasse (or, halichoeres radiatus)