Aristophanes (Greek Athenian Dramatist) once said - “Let each man exercise the art he knows” and that is exactly what these three artists – Sylvin Forman, Sophie Lisbey Forman and James Jopson have been doing; they are exercising the art they know. On Friday, June 18, they held an Art Exhibition entitled “A Show of Hands 3” at the Spindrift Hotel.

Sophie Lisbey Forman has been painting since the age of 14. As a teen she worked at Belizean Arts and her passion and painting blossomed from there. Her painting style is unique, painting mostly in black and white with one object in color. Sophie has made several paintings for hotels in Belize City and also takes special orders for those interested. To appreciate more of Sophie’s paintings, she has them on sale at Kasba on Barrier Reef Drive as well as at Ramon’s Village and Victoria House. For special orders you can call 620-9567.

Sylvin Forman – “Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” – Pablo Picasso. As a child Sylvin Forman loved to draw and as he grew, not only did he remain an artist but has perfected and mastered his love and passion for arts. All Sylvin needs is a piece of paper, some ink, a pen and his imagination. Before you know it he will have a beautiful scenery of what he believes San Pedro looked many years ago. He held his first art exhibit at the first Sea & Air Festival (now the International Costa Maya Festival). To purchase a drawing from Sylvin you can call 628-3889.

James Jopson is a local artist/musician from San Ignacio, Cayo. James, a talented man, got early inspiration in music and art from the both sides of his family and at the age of 13 he became a musician. Sylvin and James met in high school and both played in the same band. His love for art left him to try drawing in pencil and charcoal and at the age of 27 he found his true expression for art through oil paintings. James finds himself more emotionally expressive through painting subjects such as the sky and water. For special orders or for purchasing a painting you can contact James at 600-4037.

A show of hands 3 – Art Exhibition was also present at this year’s Lobsterfests’s Art & Culture Festival on Saturday, June 19.

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