Sharpshooter Marlon Garnett on Belize's Chances in Centrobasket Tourney

With the arrival of Milt Palacio, Marlon Garnette and Kenton Paulino the team that will take Belize to the Centro basket championship in the Dominican Republic next week is in place.

Today, Mark Usher - the host of BDBA Game time which airs weekly on channel 7 - spoke to sharpshooter Marlon Garnett about his expectation for this very tough tournament..

Marlon Garnett, Player
"Unlike last summer this is a much more competitive tournament as you put it. a lot of good teams, a lot of good players from all over this region. Another thing unlike last summer where we were kind of under the radar kind of surprise nobody really expected much from Belize and we eyes and shock a lot of people so now with say Puerto Rico being a favorite, Dominican Republic hosting the team, having a good team, good team on paper but we might be the team that has the target on our back. Everybody will be out to get us so we have to try to fine tune our game, we got less than a week to get our self prepare and try to build on the chemistry that we started the last couple days with all the guys finally getting here yesterday and see what we can do. Obviously our goal is to qualify, that's the main goal to qualify for next summer but if we have a chance to win the goal, great, we will have a much bigger parade coming by with the goal medal."

Mark Usher
"We will have a holiday. Let me ask you this now, tomorrow the Venezuelans land in Belize and then we have first of the two friendly's its Thursday and Friday night. Tell all the Belizean who will see this news cast tonight what they can come out and expect and why they need to come out and give you guys the support so that you leave with the hopes and dreams of Belize on your back."

Marlon Garnett
"They were so great with the welcome that they gave us last summer with the support that we got. We need that same support plus more. So it will be fun for them to come out to see a practice game you know it's not a regular game but it is a practice game against a very good opponent and I think it will be a fun time for them to come out and enjoy some basketball."

The team is now running two a day practices.....

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