In all the corporate incarnations of Lord Michael Ashcroft, one fixity has been his domain over the Belize Bank - now named the British Caribbean Bank. But it turns out he doesn't even head that. According to an article in the Telegraph - a British newspaper - Ashcroft has formally declared to Parliament that he no longer heads the Belize-based bank. It was officially announced in the House Of Lords yesterday that Ashcroft had taken the decision to, quote, "stand down as chief executive of BCB Holdings Ltd."
He did it before the May general election in the UK but a spokesperson denied that the decision was tied to the "new requirement on MPs and peers to be domiciled and resident for tax purposes." And while that change has been made in the register at the House Of Lords in the UK, it seems that it hardly changes the perception locally where Ashcroft is known as the boss of the Belize Bank and regarded as the "moving hand" behind other corporate maneuvers.

Channel 7