San Pedro Fitness Center

July 5, 5:30pm to 7:30pm


Dr. Teresa Dámera, Family & Aesthetic Medicine

Women, learn how to make yourself rapturously beautiful and irresistible with a little diet, exercise and aesthetic medicine. Men, diet, exercise and aesthetic medicine are for you, too: Learn how to get pumped, a makeover, and to intoxicate your precious woman with love so as to have the happiest of days.

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, OBGYN & Primary Care

What kind of diet and exercise are medically sound for women, especially those who are pregnant, have recently delivered, or are of a certain age? How can medicine, diet and exercise guard the health and fitness of people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity, high blood pressure, high LDLs, lower back problems like Piriformis Syndrome (sciatica), and other medical conditions? What is the payoff of diet and exercise for people who are already in good general health?

Dr. Floyd Jackson, Former Neurology, Psychiatry & Behavior Medicine Professor

How does booze, esp. wine, make you more mentally alert, stave off cancer and reduce stress, heart disease and strokes up to 50% WITH OR WITHOUT EXERCISE, on the one hand and kill you on the other? What is the impact of medicine, diet and exercise on neuropsychiatric disorders such as ADD, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Major Depressive Disorders, Cognitive, Personality & Conduct Disorders, and neuroses and psychoses in general? What is sport psychology? How can you use MIND OVER MATTER and SELF-HYPNOSIS to ricochet off bad baggage so as to be whomever you wish, and do whatever you want?

Half-hour Presentations & Half-hour Questions-Answers

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