I was watching Jeopardy last night and there was a Belize category in double jeopardy. It would have been some easy money for anyone of us for sure smile .

Jeopardy's "Please Belize Me" Double Jeopardy Category (July 2, 2010 - not sure if it was a rerun)

In 1981 the sun set on this empire's colonial rule in newly independent Belize

What is the British Empire

On October 31, 1961, Belize City was severely damaged by one of these; the capital was moved inland a few years later.

What is a hurricane

Belize has been involved for decades in border disputes with this western neighbor

What is Guatemala

Belize's highest peak is known as this author's "delight", for its resemblance to the setting of "The Lost World"

Who is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Doyle's Delight)

About one quarter of Belize's population is of this ethnicity of mixed African and European descent

What is Creole

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