Remember Chami-ka and Franxel, Belizean Reggeaton artists who came to San Pedro from Belmopan to record the music video of their newest single in May? Well now Franxel and Chami-Ka have officially released the video “Feel Your Love (en San Pedro)” which is available on YouTube for the whole world to see.

Next week the duo will be on Channel 5's Open Your Eyes Show promoting the video and we will also go on other media houses throughout Belize. The video will be sent to San Pedro specifically to the clubs for it to be played. Shadowyze, who collaborated with the duo, leaves next week for Florida, United States where he will take the video to all his contacts and major Clubs and DJs. He will also hand deliver the video to Promo Only, the largest promotion company in the United States. Once an artist makes it to the top videos in Promo Only, they are on the road to fame. Promo Only distributes its music worldwide to top producers and productions companies.
Chami-ka and Franxel also plan on going to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and other neighboring countries to promote the video. “We are very hopeful to hit Cancun and United States in the very short future with this song,” they commented to Ambergris Today.

The Belizean Duo worked alongside young Belizean rapper Myro and Florida Rapper, Shadowyze. Franxel and Chamika are best known for their debut on Channel 5’s Duets and performing in San Pedro as one of the opening performers for DJ Flex Concert.

This single is all about San Pedro and its beautiful lifestyles it has to offer. Franxel and Chamika’s video was shot by Belizeteve along the beachside of Victoria House and Royal Caribbean Resort. The video also featured the nightlife of San Pedro at Jaguar’s Temple Night Club. Check it out to see some familiar Island faces.

Interview with Ambergris Today