Minister Reserves National Park

Belmopan - 29 October, 2007

Today the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Honourable Florencio Marin, signed a Statutory Instrument declaring the Peccary Hills a National Park.

The 10,744 acres reserve (4,348 hectares) is situated South of the Sibun River and West of the Northern Lagoon in the Belize District.

The Peccary Hills is of high economic value as a visitor destination only 20 miles from Belize City. The area is pristine, has wide biodiversity of flora and fauna, riddled with caves, and many natural arches and an important watershed for the Sibun River Valley.

This Reservation Order is part of the Ministry’s plan for the continued maintenance of our Protected Areas System and the environment to play a part of the economic well being of Belize.