Tucked away under Toledo news at the end of this Forum is a news report potentially the most damaging threat to Belize's fisheries for some time.
This story, leaving aside the racial comments made by Mr Osborne, shows a hopelessly ignorant view of the state of fisheries and the reef which supports them.
The mayor of PG has jumped in with the promise of jobs which is all well and good. But where and how are they going to find the quantity of fish to process in the illegally built fish processing plant in a residential area of PG? and what about the existing Belizean Co-ops. Where will their fish come from?
Anyone who thinks this is a few skiffs around PG is deluding themselves. This is a threat to our entire coastline.
Jamaica has by its own admission wrecked its national fisheries, and this has been well documented. Now they want to come and wreck ours.
Oh but we aren't interested in fishing they say (it was a different story from the same Mr Osborne whom I sat and listened to at the public meeting in PG last year). "We want to buy your fish " The problem is they want everything they can get their hands on, lobster, conch, sea cucumber, and fin fish.
So far GOB has refused an export license. good. But the pressure is mounting.
The government needs to be reminded that our barrier reef and its fish population is a major source of tourist revenue, attracting fishermen from all around the world, as well as supporting an artisanal fishing industry and the Belizean families which rely on it.