A project was launched today that will deliver potable running water into 9 villages in the Belize River Valley.

The Belize River Valley Rural Water System will cover all those villages from Rancho Dolores to Bermudian Landing. It is a projected for 6.8 million dollars and it is funded by the Caribbean Development bank with counterpart funding from BWSL and the Government of Belize.

A senior executive of the CDB was in Belize today for the launching. The Chairmen of Isabella Bank and St. Paul told us what it means for them:...

Dudley Hendy, Chairman, Isabella Bank
"It makes me feel great, because many of my people in the village have suffered for water for many years, they had to carry water sometimes for miles and they don't have enough water to carry home especially to bathe every day. This will be a benefit to each and every village."

"You have lived in Isabella without potable water. How will this change your life?"

Dudley Hendy, Chairman, Isabella Bank
"Well, it change your life a lot, because as I said we don't have to go to the water head again, some people had to carry water from far and this morning we had it as the speaker said right at the door, turn on the pipe and you get water in and out."

Clifton Neal, Chairman, St. Paul village
"The river pass by our area and i don't think that we don't have any pipes or anything like that in the area at this time so this will be a welcoming thing for us, because you find that the people will be able enough to have water run into their houses and there will be having this quick facilities water. Water is the best thing because sewerage and other things will be operational."

Edmund Castro, Area Representative
"I had been working on this water system for the 9 communities in the Belize river valley area and also in the improvement of the water system for the Burrell Boom area and now we are officially here today launching the water system which in a few months or couple of weeks' time BWSL (Belize Water Service Limited) will commence the majority of the work to get those people hook up in the Belize river valley area."

Presently villagers use water from the river and wells. This system will have three pumping stations along the line. 40 miles of pipe are expected to be laid....

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