“Mayan Mound”, a parcel of land located south of San Pedro in the San Pablo neighborhood has been the subject of scrutiny and controversy since its alleged sale last year. Presently it is an opened lot that houses a deteriorating palapa, a Stella replica and at one point picnic tables where residents used it as a park. What is special about this parcel of land is that the mound on the property is believed to be a Mayan structure of some sort. The mound holds much significance to residents of San Pedro, as well as to the Government of Belize for its possible archeological value and hence would be protected under the laws of Belize.

According to Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. while the parcel of property should never have been sold, it was. Therefore, the property is no longer in the possession of the Government of Belize.
Information reached our office that there was a “For Sale” sign placed at the property, which raised concerns for residents. The San Pedro Sun spoke to Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. for some clarifications. In a telephone interview, Heredia informed us that, “yes, it was brought to my attention that the parcel of land was being sold. I called the present owner to talk to him about the sale. I informed him that while he can legally sell the parcel of land, as he is the owner, whoever purchases the land will not be able to do any construction on the property.”

Although the present owner is at liberty to sell the piece of property, all future owners will not legally be able to use the parcel of land for any construction development that would interfere with the existing mound located on the property.