At a meeting last Thursday, Mayor Elsa Paz appealed to our neighborhood watches to reach out to, find, and support at least 6 more people who are willing to become Special Constables. Mayor Paz reported that The Town Board has four applicants. Assistant police Superintendent Arnold needs 6 more - a total of 10 applicants - in order to justify the time and effort he and his command will put into the Special Constable Training Program they have devised and are now ready to implement.

The Town Board believes it can now support 4 active constables with salaries of $250 bzd per week, and there is hope that the community will pitch in to support more.

The training is tentatively scheduled to begin July 29. People need very quickly to inform their Neighborhood Watch President, the Town Board, or the San Pedro Police Department of their interest in or desire to complete the application and to undergo Special Constable training.

The Mayor's appeal took place during her June 24 meeting with the Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch Presidents' Committee, which was attended also by ASP Arnold, and Ms. Betty Longworth from the Ministry of Tourism.