Ara Macao Clarification

[Linked Image] On last Tuesday's newscast we told you about the plight of 61 year old James R. Parker. He is an Arizona businessman with major land holdings on Placencia who is under indictment by the Internal Revenue Service in the United States.We described him as the mover behind the Ara Macao project. It turns out however that is a mischaracterization. James Parker was not the mover behind Ara Macao. He is the Chairman and CEO of Mackinnon Belize Land and Development Limited. That company owns a massive estate on the Placencia Peninsula known as the Plantation. In 2004, the Ara Macao Trust purchased over 600 acres of land from Mackinnon to develop their project. That - we have been advised by the Trust's attorneys - is the extent of Ara Macao's involvement with Mackinnon and James Parker. The Trusts attorneys stress that the trust does not have any affiliation to or business ventures with Mackinnon Belize Land and Development Limited.We note that in the Ara Macao purchaser information package which is dated April 2006, it says that, quote, "(James) Parker and The Plantation have developed a reputation within the local community and within the Belize government.... Of particular interest is the long term relationship Parker holds with the current Prime Minister of Belize, Said Musa....It is believed that this relationship should bode well for the Ara Developer and foster a spirit of cooperation between the government of Belize and the Ara Macao Resort & Marina."

Live and let live