Cuba's Fidel Castro makes 1st TV appearance in 4 years

[Linked Image] There is this news from the region, four years ago he fell ill, subsequently gave up power to his younger brother Raul Castro, and most wrote him off because his ailing health. But on Monday in Havana, the former Cuban president Fidel Castro, appeared for more than an hour on a current affairs television show called Mesa Redonda. Castro, was wearing a dark track suit, was well groomed and spoke lucidly. He discussed a wide range of issues from the global nuclear war to the use of energy efficient light bulbs. But the eighty-three year-old did not discuss the recent release of fifty- two political prisoners. It is not known what prompted his television interview; that remains a mystery like most of his life and has provided more drama to the guessing game surrounding most things about the former leader. Castro at times showed flashes of his skills as a powerful and eloquent speaker and at other times he paused for lengthy periods and shuffled pages of notes he kept in front of him. According to reports, most Cubans reacted with a degree of surprise or delight at Castro's television appearance.

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