Mexican Ballet “Bailaran” in Belize

[Linked Image] One of the biggest ballet dance companies in Southern Mexico is visiting Belize to perform. The Quintana Roo Classic Ballet Company is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and promoters promise that it will mesmerize anyone who attends the performance.

Marcelino Miranda

"We want to invite the public because it's not common to see the classic ballet performance in Belize as the same in some parts of Mexico, so this is a very good opportunity for those who love classic ballet to have a look at a very nice event and for those who haven't had the opportunity to see this kind of dances like classic dance to have the opportunity to see it live for the first time."

Emaun Hyde
"Are you excited about the show?"

Marcelino Miranda
[Linked Image] "We are very excited because it's a high quality performance. This group has high standard in Mexico and they belong to prestigious school and we are very excited because I am sure that the Belizean public is going to enjoy it."

The show will be held tomorrow at the Bliss at 7 pm and is open to the general public, as the show is free.


Mexican classical ballet company to grace the stage at the Bliss

[Linked Image] Mexico is celebrating two hundred years of independence and the one hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican revolution. And our northern neighbours will be holding numerous cultural events throughout the year on this side of the border. One such event comes up on Wednesday evening, with the visit of the Quintana Roo Classic Ballet Company which will be putting on a special performance at the Bliss. Press Officer at the Mexican Embassy, Marcelino Miranda, says the Ballet Gala will feature dance pieces choreographed especially for the show in Belize. Miranda told us more about the group and their recital at the Bliss.

Marcelino Miranda, Press Officer, Mexican Embassy

“The Classic Ballet Company of Quintana Roo for the first time. This is a prestigious company in southern Mexico and they have prepared a special program for Belize. This company belongs to the Quintana Roo State School of Dance and it was created twenty years ago. They have very good experience and they are directed by the maestro Armando Yuvero who is well known in dance in Quintana Roo. He has a career of more than thirty years and he has danced for many companies in fifteen different countries. He was a leading dancer at the National Ballet Company of Cuba. So now we’re very pleased to present this very good ballet company here in Belize. They have prepared a high quality show especially for the Belizean public.”

Delahnie Bain

“When and where will the show be held?”

Marcelino Miranda

[Linked Image] “The show is going to be held at the Bliss Center tomorrow, the fourteenth of July at seven p.m. This show is going to be open to all the public so we are expecting everybody to come. I mean young people, children, adults, elderly people. This is an open event, the entrance is free so this is a very good opportunity for the Belizean public to enjoy a form of art that normally we don’t have an opportunity to enjoy here in Belize and this is a cultural event for the summer.”

The ballet program includes well known international pieces as well as Mexican dances.

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