And while gang warfare and rumors of warfare abound, some effort to mitigate the violence seems to be taking shape under the auspices of the Kolbe Prison board. Very few details are known but we can confirm that a closed door meeting between authorities and persons affiliated with gangs was held today at the Pavillion room at Old Belize. Members of the media were strictly barred from entering or even hovering near the door, but we do know that the meeting had the participation of select prison inmates who may wield influence on the streets - even form Hattieville. The commissioner of police Crispin Jeffries and Kolbe Chairman John Woods reportedly spearheaded the event. Both Jeffries and Woods sit on the Kolbe board.Woods this evening told us he had no comment, but it was positive and they were, quote, "trying to work things out." Woods added that they need a couple of weeks to see what can be done and want to ensure that they have as little publicity as possible.

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