The prevalence of cancer cases on the island and the lack thereof of proper treatment facilities in and near San Pedro has prompted a group of residents to take a stand and work for the common good of helping those affected by the big "C" disease. Taking formation is San Pedro's very own Cancer Society.

The first gathering for the group took place on July 1, 2010 and there are currently 12 members and more are being encouraged to join this group. Ambergris Today met with the groups President - Ms. Monica Prevett who explained to us more about the group and its goals.

Ms. Prevett stated that her most sincere desire to establish a Cancer Society on the island has been one of her passions after having been personally connected to someone who had cancer and is now a recovering patient. She explained that the group is being formed on a volunteer basis and is currently communicating with the Orange Walk Cancer Group to get tips on how to establish a group on Ambergris Caye.

The group's first goal is to register the cancer society as an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) under the name of San Pedro Cancer Society. And to do this the group needs to come up with funds.

So they have planned on their first fundraiser event to take place this Saturday, July 17. The event will be called "Dollar drive" and will take place at Mr. Omar Arceo's residence across the five-a-side. There will be lots to eat and drink and persons will be asked to kindly donate a dollar (if you wish to give more - more is welcomed?) and in return you will receive a gratuity pin on behalf of the group.

The San Pedro Cancer Society welcomes anyone who wishes to join the group. There is a minimal membership fee that is collected monthly. Ms. Prevett continued by stating that the group will be having fundraiser events at least once every two months and plans on having a yearly gala event as its main fundraiser event. All monies raised will go towards patients in need of financial help for treatment and to the Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga.

"Many persons have the idea that cancer is a deadly disease with no cure," stated Monica. "It's not so, if detected at an early stage, there is hope and the patient can recover. One of the main things we want to do as a group is show support to others here on the island and to educate all about cancer."

Anyone wishing to be a member of the Cancer Society or willing to help (donate) feel free to contact Monica Prevett at 631-6567 or Miguel Perez at 610-1293 or any member of the board which includes : Ms. Monica Prevett - President, Mr. Jorge Aldana - Vice President, Mr. Rene Guzman - Secretary and Mr. Miguel Perez - Treasurer.

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