Lady Jaguars, FCIB Diamonds, Scorpions & BNE Jaguars win in BVA volleyball

[Linked Image] The Lady Jaguars, First Caribbean Investment Bank, Scorpions and Jaguars each posted wins in the Belize Volleyball Association's City competition at the Belize City Center on Saturday night.

The undefeated Lady Jaguars hammered the new kids on the block, Summit Dolphins in 3 consecutive sets, with Barbara Cadle, Shantell Arnold and Tichelle Solis leading the attacks, backed up by Sherylee Thurton, Bobby Lee Usher and Tanesha Encalada receiving and setting the ball for spike attacks. Esther Middleton joined the party as libero to win 25-11, 21, 25-10

Melissa Vanzie, Antoinette Alvarez and Jamie Lee Usher led the Dolphins' offensive supported by Shamera Usher, Vanessa Lynch and sisters Jackie and Clara Sabal and almost won the 2nd set, but their defense could not withstand the Jaguars' attacks.

In Game 2, in the mixed competition the First Caribbean Diamonds arrested and hand-cuffed Team Police in 2 sets. Mario Aguilar, Albert Humes, Derek Miller and Glen Smith spiked home attacks on plays set by Gina Requena and Irene Hernandez to win the 1st set: 25-16.

Team Police rallied behind the attacks led by Giovanni Lennon, Japhet Young and Bobby Lee Usher who also scored kills on plays set by Inaldi Cardona, Jane Usher and Miriam Usher, but the Diamonds prevailed 25-16 to win the 2nd set and match.

In Game 3, the defending champs Scorpions won a grueling 5-set match over the sub-champs Mirab. Mirab looked to win the 1st set when Ernest Broaster, Lawrence Bennett and Gillian Smith hammered home kills to take an early lead, but Scorpions' Germaine Audinett, Shane Armstrong, and Jamal Galvez fought back with their won spike attacks to finish plays set by David Vasquez, Oscar Arnold and Japhet Young with Raul Arnold joining the party as libero to win the 1st set: 25-23.

[Linked Image] Mirab's Thompson brothers received, blocked and tricked the ball over the net and Brian Castillo, Broaster, Bennett and Smith added their spikes to win the 2nd set 25-16.

The Mirab squad looked to take over the game in the 3rd set, but Scorpions' Anthony Wagner entered the game to give Scorpions the edge to win the 3rd set: 25-23.

Veterans Arthur Butler and Albert Humes refreshed Mirab's offensive taking the 4th set to extra points before they won 30-28. At this point they ran out of gas and the Scorpions took the 5th set: 15-8.

In Game 4, the BNE Jaguars put down a rebellion from the Rebels. Jaguars' Shane Gentle, Joseph Enrique, Karym Coleman and Patrick Bennett spiked home points on plays set by Jaleel Mariano and Albert Bradley, with setter Kegan Ack joining the party as libero to win the 1st set: 25-18. Rebels' Tariq Campbell, Elton Moore, Orel Leslie and Kleon Coleman counterattacked furiously, hammering kills on balls set by Elton Anderson, Khalid Encalada and Martin Gongora to win the 2nd set: 25-18. The Jaguars' Onaji Sandiford, Steven Duncan, Jaleel Lino and Cody Kuylen reinforced the offensive lineup to dominate the 3rd and 4th sets: 25-21 and 26-24.

Last Tuesday, the Jaguars toyed with the Scorpions in the 1st set to win 25-21, but they got stung as the Scorpions recovered to win the next 3 sets: 25-19, 25-19, 25-23 to win the match.

In Tuesday night's Game 2, the Rebels outlasted the Mirab men who won the first 2 sets: 29-27 and 25-19. Again Mirab ran out of gas, and the Rebels' rebellion became a revolution as they took the next 3 sets: 25-21, 25-15 and 15-12.

Last Thursday, the defending female champs, Moen Stars, crushed the Summit Dolphins in 3 sets: 25-7, 25-13 and 25-7.

In the Mixed Division, Team 313 won over Team SSC in 2 sets: 25-13 and 25-13, and the First Caribbean Diamonds dazzled Kauss in two sets 25-21 and 25-16.

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