Yesterday the Belcan Bridge linking Central American Boulevard to Princess Margaret Drive closed for the most part of the morning to facilitate some work on the structure. Work began on the bridge two weeks ago, but most of it was taking place under the bridge. We spoke to Senior Executive Engineer at the Ministry of Works David Novelo who said that yesterday they only closed the bridge to lower materials from the top hatch. He said they are replacing the entire guide rail for the bridge which is already due.

David Novelo; Senior Executive Engineer, Ministry of Works

“With time the metal component got corroded due to the salt water and the environment. Now we are at a point that we have to make changes in order to have the bridge fully operational. It was repaired before but right now that part that we are fixing is beyond repair so we need to actually replace it. Yesterday we had to close the bridge because we needed to lower all materials through the top of the bridge. That was a one time thing and the bridge will continue to be open.”

Novelo adds that there is nothing wrong with the structure of the bridge and that it remains entirely safe. The work is expected to be completed in two weeks.