On Sunday, the Ambergris Stadium came alive when Belize’s San Pedro Seadog hosted Platense of Puerto Cortez Honduras. Amidst a large multitude, both teams stepped on the field ready to claim the big W. In the first half, the Seadogs was in control of the ball game. In fact, in the first few minutes, Seadogs blasted the Platense goalkeeper with a kick from outside the 18-yards box but the referee ruled that the ball did not cross the goal line.

Early in the second half however, Seadogs managed to capitalize on a play and scored the first goal of the ball game. But the glory was short-lived after Platense capitalized from a corner kick making it a 1 to 1 ball game. Later in the second half, Platense scored a second goal originating from a foul outside the 18-yards box.
Seadogs pulled out their best play and in the last few minutes of the game, they managed to blast Platense, shaking the net for a third time, but unfortunately the referee ruled that the goal was offside. At the end of the game, Platense won over Seadogs in a 2 to 1 ball game.

Congratulations to Platense Football Club on the big win and also to the Honduran community. According to our source the last time San Pedro Town witness an international football game was in the 1980’s when a Brazilian team was invited on the island.